Hard Working Staffing for Hard Working Industries

From mechanics, to heavy equipment operators, to factory workers, industrial companies and their staff work diligently to serve our communities proudly. But finding workers with the right mix of skills and dedication for each unique role can be difficult to manage effectively.

At TC Staffing, we’re committed to helping our clients locate their ideal job placements quickly and efficiently. Industrial opportunities in the Golden Horseshoe area can include:

  • Mechanics, Operators and Factory Workers
  • Warehouse Labourers, Foreman, and Technicians
  • Welders, Stationary Engineers and Wheelwrights
  • Construction and Wood Workers
  • and many more.

Looking To Hire An Industrial Worker?

Whether for short-term staffing or for a permanent career opportunity, trust the experts at TC Staffing to help you find highly qualified applicants. We’ll work with you to develop your job description and hiring materials, scrutinize applications for necessary qualifications and assist you in hiring only the most fitting workers.

Get Hired Fast!

You bring a unique skillset to the table — and we want to make sure you get a job that values your talents. Across a variety of sectors within the industrial field, TC Staffing has the inside track to job opportunities in temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent staffing.

Looking to get hired? Put the experts to work for you.